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Transition to Childcare Challenges

As a parent, you’ve done all your research. You’ve called different centers, read reviews, asked the right questions, and even toured every centers to ensure you picked the right one. Although you’re very confident in the childcare center you’ve chosen for your child to attend, you may not have considered how difficult it is for a child to adjust starting at a new childcare center or school.

For many kiddo's the first few weeks at a new childcare center can be a time of extreme anxiety. This discomfort can be a lot more pronounced if the child is naturally an introvert and shy or has never been in a similar setting. They typically face challenges, such as adjusting to being around more children than normal, meeting their new teachers, and even becoming comfortable with new schedules and routines. Parents can help their children in this situation by helping them develop confidence and familiarizing them with their new school and new routine.

At Tiny Tots U, we want everyone to have a sense of fellowship with others, which is why we make Community one of our biggest goals. Here are a few tips to help make the transition easier for your children and help them feel like they are a part of the Tiny Tots U community:

Talk with your child about the changes that will be happening. Once you know where your child will be attending, you’ll be able to give them more details on who their teacher will be or what activities they can look forward to doing! Bring your kiddo by the center and let them see all the fun that will be had! At TTU, we love when families bring the kiddos with them to tour our facility! That way, the whole family can see what we have to offer. We also encourage families to schedule another visit close to their start date, so their child can become familiar with the environment, the teachers, and their peers. Read books to your child that feature children going to school or day care and the joy it brings them. Have conversations with your child about different school topics and ask if your child has any questions or worries when it comes to starting at a new childcare center.Once you know which center your family will enroll in, speak with their administration team to get an idea of what your child’s schedule will be like. In the weeks leading up to starting, adjust your schedule to reflect what your child’s schedule will be at school. This will help them when they begin school, especially when it comes to eating snacks and lunch, and taking naps.Get to know other families that are also enrolled at your childcare center. Getting to know each other is a great opportunity for new friends and even set up play dates so their child can get to know the new friends they’ll see at school.

We look forward to seeing all of the sweet faces at TTU!

Please contact us with any questions!

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